"Cat Boy" is one of the Angels and Rare Kind that survived the December 32 incident. He first appears alongside the other Angels to fight the Code:Breakers.




Like the rest of the Angels, "Cat Boy" was once friends with Rei Ogami and Sakura Sakurakouji before the incident on December 32. He survived, along with his Angels fellows after being saved by "Fussy Lunch". Afterwards, he grew an animosity towards Power Users, especially Code: Emperor and Humans, who instigated Emperor for killing his family and wiped all the Rare Kinds.


Attack and Counterattack

"Cat Boy", along with "Franken", attacked Rui and Yuuki while the two were in their lost forms. He reveals that Prime Minister Fujiwara was behind December 32 and beats up Rui, only for Yuuki to tell him off and show him a Nyanmaru comic. Enraged, "Cat Boy" tries to punch Yuuki, but he misses; shortly afterwards, he splits in two de-powered forms -- Rui used Sakurako Sakurakouji's Rare Kind-sealing sword on him. Before she can return his life, however, she is attacked and nearly killed by "Franken".

When Inoichi marionettes appear and restrain "Franken", "Cat Boy" marvels at the fact that something could stop his monstrous strength. He is present when Yukihina and Sakurako appear for the counterattack. However, when Rui manages to return his life, his body falls apart -- it turns out that all the Angels except for "Fussy Lunch" had already died.

Powers and Abilities

Rare Kind Ability:


  • He bears a resemblance to Yuuki Tenpouin from the Code:Breakers
  • He was the first of the Angels to lose in an event during chapter 187 (The Sports Day) where he lost the sprint to Yuuki.
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