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The Angels (with Hiyori)

The Angels are a group of Rare Kind feared by power users; as a result, they are rarely ever talked about. On December 32, they killed many power users. During this time, Sakura was on their side.

All the members appear to know Rei, as he was Sakura's friend years ago. They have a game going on where they use their power to drain power users to death during their turn; however, whomever kills the least amount of people wins.

It turns out that all the Angels are immortal like Yukihina; underneath their clothing, they have the same bandages and symbols like Yukihina does. "Fussy Lunch" used the same technique Heike used to turn people immortal.

The Angels seem to have conflicting and hypocritical goals; although "Fussy Lunch" claims to wish to kill all humans, he seems to lean towards teaching people a lesson about the value of life; on the other hand, the other four members truly wish to exterminate humans.

None of the members' true names have been given; the names that are used are Ogami's nicknames for them.

===Former Members===
*Sakura Sakurakouji
*Rei Ogami (associated with them, although not a Rare Kind himself)

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