The Code:Names are members of Eden, and are on a position higher than the Code:Numbers. There are now three remaining Code:Name members. All the Code:Names have two abilities rather than one, and all are extraordinarily powerful.

Current Code:Names


Code:Revenger's identity is Takatsu Aoba, a classmate of Ogami and Sakura and also Sakura's closest friend in class. Code:Revenger offered to fix Toki's severely injured arms that even Eden couldn't heal. Code Revenger's identity was finally revealed in chapter 108. Her first special power is named "Time Change in Object". It allows everything she touches to either go to the past or future. Her time is recorded in seconds. As of now the powers expiry is unknown. Whether the time change is permanent or temporary is unknown. Thought it can be assumed that it is permanent as Aoba uses it to heal her skin from the burns she received by Ogami's Blue Flames.


Kagerou appears to be able to use both Satan's Blaze as well as Belphegor. Ogami and this Code:Name knew each other when they were children and they share a mysterious past. Even though she is a Code:Name, she doesn't agree with their beliefs.

It is discovered that Kagerou and Nenene Fujiwara were actually spies for Prime Minister Fujiwara; afterwards, she kills Saechika, who had leaked the information to the Code:Breakers.


Shigure is introduced as a member of Re-Code, but was later revealed to be a mole for the Code:Names, taking Pandora's Box during the battle between the Re-Codes and the Code:Breakers. He has a bar code above his left eye. He, Yuuki Tenpouin, and Makoto were friends, but Yuuki's reckless attitude caused Makoto to fall into a coma, and Shigure blames Yuuki for Makoto's "death". His special power is "Ash", which is able to absorb Yuuki's "Sound" and render Ogami's "Flame" useless.

Former Code:Names

Code:Seeker (Deceased)

Rei Ogami's older brother and a major antagonist in the series. It was revealed that his name was not originally "The One Being Sought", which was derived from his Code:Name when he was within Eden; Code:Seeker, otherwise known as "The Seeking One". He was very respected within Eden, but they saw him as a soon-to-be threat to them so Eden had him exiled and with both mental and physical scars. He then vowed to become evil since he no longer believed that there was no true justice to begin with. He was later the leader of a group of people with strong special powers known as the Re-Code, and fought against the Code:Numbers until he was killed by Ogami.

Code:Closer (Deceased)

His real name is Saechika Hachiouji, and is Rui's younger brother. It was assume he died in the accident years ago, but Code: Emperor revealed he was still alive. In chapter 94, he is revealed to be Code:Closer and then in chapter 95, Rui discovered his identity after he tracked down and attacked Ogami. He possessed similar powers as his sister, possessing the power of Shadows and having a Dark Side; however, in their first reunion, he easily overpowers her. His powers have the abilities of "eating" other special powers. His second power is "Effacement", which strips away the life energy of anything surrounding him.

Saechika was killed by Kagerou, after he revealed her as a spy for Prime Minister Fujiwara and a traitor of the Code:Names in chapter 184.

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