The Re-Code, sans Uesugi

The Re-Codes are the antithesis of the Code:Breakers, under the command of "The One Being Sought". They worked against EDEN and claimed that "justice is strength".


The Re-Codes' full history is unknown, so whether "The One Being Sought" founded it, or if he was merely the newest leader, is unclear.

Yukihina states that the Re-Codes have waged countless battles against EDEN.

Re-Code Agents

It was stated in Chapter 45 that the Re-Code Agents consists of six people (including "The One Being Sought"). They possess skill and power that are superior to that of other members and are highly praised by "The One Being Sought".

Re-Code:01 Zed

Re-Code:02 Unknown (Possibly Uesugi Hajime)

Re-Code:03 Kouji

Re-Code:04 Yukihina

Re-Code:05 Possibly Shigure or Hiyori

Re-Code:06 Possibly Shigure or Hiyori

Other Members


Lily (リリィ, Riry) is a young, cold-blooded woman who shows no interest in human life, even killing all the staff in the restaurant for her mercenaries to take their places. This is later explained from all of the abuse she has suffered from people because of her powers, even from her own parents who would pour bleach on her. She appears to use her appearance as a weapon, regularly flirting with Rei to distract him (though to no avail). Though after being saved from Sendou by Sakura, she now appears to have gone to the good side, as she agreed to uses her powers to cure the people she poisoned.

Her power is Secretion, allowing her to turn her sweat into another chemical, from poisons to acid, in a liquid or gas state. Though powerful, she is not part of the top six Re-Code.

Sendou Ryuuichi

He appears in chapter 41 and protects "The One Being Sought" when Toki attempted to shoot him. He has exceptional reflexes and strength, able to grab bullets with only his index and middle finger, break them, and throw them back with tremendous force. He is a very well built man with a tattoo of the word BLACKOUT across his stomach. His personality is very cold, almost killing one of his own teammates if Sakura didn't block his attack, but then shown scared when Toki revealed he was about to kill him. Toki killed him by using his powers to remove the mercury that he just breathed in outside of his body.

His power is called Epithelial Manipulation, where he is able to turn his skin into other substances such as a material that is "harder than steel" as well as the pigment in his skin for camouflage. Though strong, he was not a member of the top six Re-Code.

Ryuuji Ryuuichi

The younger brother of Sendou, he uses flames ("Inka") and tried to kill a powerless Toki. He was killed by Rui Hachiouji.


Noguchi was one of Ogami's former classmates. They seemed to be friends at their old school. After Ogami left, "The One Being Sought" sent him to go and kill Ogami in the "most gruesome way possible". However, he was unaware of Ogami's powers and was killed by him.

Noguchi has no special abilities.


Rui Hachiouji

Ex-Re-Code:0? a.k.a "Graceful Guardian"


  • Since "The One Being Sought" is deceased, it can be assumed that all the Re-Codes might be Ex-ReCodes.
  • It can be assumed that the Re-Codes purpose was mainly to oppose Eden.

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