Eden is a secret organization within the government, founded 100 years ago. So far, only the three silhouettes of its ruling members have been revealed. One of their members is the Prime Minister of Japan, who is also Toki and Nenene's father.


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The Four Founders of Eden


Current Leaders


Regular Agents



They are responsible for giving orders to the Code:Breakers and possibly the Code:Names too. They decide what missions a Code:Breaker is assigned. Code:Breakers are considered to be of lower ranking than the Code:Names but are still given as much assistance as possible. Code:Names have more freedom, as they are allowed to kill whomever they wish (unless ordered to by Eden), and are kept seperated from the Code:Breakers.


Eden makes its first appearance in chapter 8, as three silouhets sitting in chairs. They give Ogami his new target, a politician called Tabata Shigeru. Afterwords Ogami uses his flames to burn them, revealing that they were dummies with voice machines attached.

They recently gave an order to the Code:Breakers to join the Code:Names on the hunt for Ogami's left arm, the Code:Emperor. In chapter 94, it is stated by Yuuki that Eden's technology is 50 years ahead of everyone else. Eden has high influence, as they use the National Diet Building as a meeting place for a mission briefing.

It wass revealed by Rui Hachiouji that "The One Being Sought" had predicted that Eden would see Rei as an "unforeseen threat", shortly after Eden started the hunt for Ogami's left arm. Eden had also planned for "The One Being Sought" to be assassinated. This partially worked, as his true form was heavily scarred; even with his cell regeneration, it was still there.

Eden had allowed the Code:Names to do as they pleased regarding Ogami's arm. They also commissioned Toki as the "Joker" of Eden. With most of the Code:Numbers gone rogue, they sent Ikurumi Shiwon to take over for one of the now-vacant spots. Lily, who had been working with Ikurumi, led Rei and the others to a secret entrance to Eden.

A trap was set up and later the group fought against Sakura who went into "Rare Kind" mode and started to drain the power from everyone else. Toki interfered in her rampage and then Nenene appeared. The two jokers did battle with Rei and his group, which ended with both of their defeats.


Founders: Code:Emperor | Heike Masaomi | Sakurako Sakurakouji | Zed
Code:Names: Takatsu Aoba | Kagerou | Shigure
Code:Numbers: Yuuki Tenpouin | Toki Fujiwara | Rui Hachiouji | Rei Ogami | Ikurumi Shiwon
Former Members: Hitomi | Nenene Fujiwara | Yukihina | "The One Being Sought" | Saechika Hachiouji

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