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Chapter 230



Special: Five Years After is the extra chapter after the finale of the Code:Breaker manga.


Toki Fujiwara complains about Rei Ogami suddenly calling him to go to the dock, since he has other things to do. Rui Hachiouji appears and says that shouldn't be a problem after all, since the "things" Toki wants to do are probably just group dating. Toki angrily stutters that he wants to enjoy his college life, to which she answers that that college life is just a cover. After Toki rebuffs her, Masaomi Heike then makes the grand entrance, shouting "It's the GREAT POWER OF PEACE!", while dining together with Nenene Fujiwara. Heike told the two of them to stop, since it's painful to look at the (miserable) two - and for Toki, since he's an adult, he should exercise moderation (Toki angrily shouts that he doesn't want to be told that by Heike, of all people).

Rui then notes that Rei is really late and why he called all of them to this place. Ogami, in order to punish the corruption that cannot be judged by the law, is entering the management of yakuza having infiltrated the general contractor the night before. Unfortunately, because of some incidents happening, it's understandable that he would be late. Rui commented that as usual, Ogami is not lenient towards evil. Toki is still complaining, while saying that he's going back before bumping into Yuuki Tenpouin. Yuuki then said that soon, 'it' would start - he understands why Ogami called them to this place - that this is the first time he saw Sakura Sakurakouji to be feeling this down.

Everyone was then surprised to see Sakura, who doesn't notice them. She was feeling discouraged about a surgical report that wasn't adopted by the professor; in the five year timeskip, she had become a medical student. Sakura said that if she had worked on the report even more there could be the possibility of saving the patients with it. Her friend cheered her up that even though it's like that, if she's sick she would like to be tended by Sakura. She then changed the topic and said that Sakura should come to the drinking gathering (and that men would definitely gather if Sakura is participating).

Then, a fireworks show starts. Everyone is marveling at it, and Sakura thinks about the Code:Breakers. She is then pumped up that she would definitely ace the next report. She told her friend that she used to hate the fireworks, but right now, it gives her courage. We then see Ogami (using glasses as his cover) hiding behind a tree as he smiles. They then all go back, going for a drink.[1]

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