Ogami Rei, the only known Hybrid

A hybrid is a person who was born from a Power User and a Rare Kind. A hybrid is known as the opposite of a Rare Kind and are the "forbidden beings". Rei Ogami and Kagerou are hybrids.

Hybrids appear to mostly take after one parent or the other, with enhanced abilities, as seen with Ogami's ability to master all seven Flames of Purgatory - a feat no other person of his bloodline could do except for Code:Emperor.

Known Hybrids


  • Sakura, though never stated to be one, has the known qualifications of a hybrid, since her parents are a Rare Kind and power user. She was attacked by Rui's clone when the latter smelled hybrid blood, and has been stated not to be a pure-blooded Rare Kind.
  • For some reason Ogami's real left arm allows someone to live longer and gain some control over Pandora's Box because it is the arm of a Hybrid and gives them at least partial control of the Flames of Purgatory.
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