This is a list of minor characters in Code:Breaker.


Tabata was a man targeted by Eden for kidnapping people with rare blood types and selling their organs in order to raise money for his daughter, Chisa, who has cancer. He is killed by Rei Ogami.

In the anime, he instead researched special abilities children for Prime Minister Fujiwara. However, he began selling their organs in order to raise money to cure Chisa's cancer. When Ogami is about to kill him, Sakura knocks him to the ground, saying that "there's no good reason for anyone alive and well to die. Or to kill!"

Tabata is jovial-looking and friendly, but once his crimes have been revealed, he shows a much more chilling demeanor.


Chisa is Tabata's young daughter, who is suffering from cancer and is bound to a wheelchair. Her condition is what led Tabata to commit his crimes. When Rei is about to kill Tabata, Chisa enters, having heard the commotion. Tabata tells her that Rei is the hero that kills evil like himself before he is burnt to ashes, but Chisa replies after his death that she didn't care if her father was evil - he was still her father. Rei gives Chisa motivation for living by goading her to take revenge on him. She is last seen being carried away by troopers under the direction of Prime Minister Fujiwara.

The Lineage of the Hell Emperor

Council President of Kibou

The Lineage of the Hell Emperor is a bloodline, possibly started by Code:Emperor, whose members have been the Student Council Presidents of Kibou High up until Shibuya. Some of them were capable of using a couple of the Flames of Purgatory; Ogami is the only one besides Code:Emperor to be capable of using all seven flames. They all share the same facial features until they develop and start to look slightly different from each other.

Among its members are Rei Ogami, Kagerou, and "The One Being Sought".

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