A Rare Kind (珍種, Chin Shu) is a person with the ability to negate the Special Powers of others. They are unlike other power users, in that their lost form requires an elixir to restore their original form. Their blood is also needed to open Pandora's Box.

According to Yukihina, Rare Kinds have no reason for killing; they just are so innocent, they do not understand the meaning of life, and so they kill without second thought. However, "Fussy Lunch" wishes to kill all humans because humans themselves do not understand the value of life.

Known Rare Kind

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The Angels with Hiyori


Divine Shield: Rare Kinds have the ability to negate the special powers of others. It seems that this power is in their blood, as Shibuya's costume is coated with his blood and special powers cannot affect the costume. Another example is that the new school building was built with Shibuya's blood mixed in, making it so that special powers couldn't be used in the school.


Cat boy using Death God

Death God: Rare Kinds also have the ability to use their power offensively, by draining vitality, which is the origin of special powers. If a power user is exposed to this long enough they will turn to their lost form, and continued exposure leads to death.

Enhanced Physical Prowess: Rare Kinds possess a much greater natural increase in their overall strength. They can develop superhuman strength and speed much faster than anyone else allowing them to pick up objects much heavier than them and move at a rate faster than normal people can do. Their speed and strength are so enhanced, they can easily fight with Power Users without getting hurt.


Vital Spots: The only known weakness of the Rare Kinds is that they have areas on bodies that are vital to their powers with each Rare Kind having it at a different spot unique to their body. Once touched their powers deactivate without their command and their physical strength drops to a level where power users can overpower them physically. Also specific spots on their bodies can also induce mental instability like intoxication though it seems that these spots are located around the head as Sakura entered this state when Ogami pulled at her ears. When the rare kind is using their Death God ability, their vital spot can be located at the point where special power isn't being absorbed into.

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