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|An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth, and Evil for Evil.
|Ogami's addition to the Code of Hammurabi}}
{{Character Infobox
|name = Rei Ogami
|image = <center><tabber>
|-|Manga = [[File:ReiOogami.PNG|250px]]
|-|Anime = [[File:Ogami.png|250px]]
|kanji = 大神零
|romaji = Oogami Rei
|gender = Male
|age = 16
|affiliation = [[Code:Breakers]]
|number = 06
|special power = Flames of Purgatory<br />Sound (temporary)
|lost form = Invisibility (Hypothermia before Code:Emperor)
|manga debut = [[Witnessing the Beginning]]
|anime debut =
|japanactor = Nobuhiko Okamoto
|image gallery = yes
|family = [[Lineage of Hell Emperor]]
|occupation = [[Code:Breaker]]}}
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[[Category:Male Characters]]
[[Category:Male Characters]]

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