An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and evil for evil.

—Ogami's addition to the Code of Hammurabi

Rei Ogami (大神 零 Ōgami Rei) is the male protagonist of Code:Breaker. His position and name in Code:Breaker was Code:06 but is now currently Code:01.


Rei has short dark blue hair with his bangs swept to the side of his face. He has blue eyes that are normally half closed; when they are fully open, it usually means he is hiding behind his mask. He wears Kibou High's winter uniform, which consists of a white T-shirt, a black long sleeved jacket, and black slacks. In addition, he wears a ring on his left thumb to control his powers, and a glove over the same hand to further restrict himself. When he first appeared, he wore a black long coat instead of his jacket.

Ogami becomes invisible in his second Lost Form

When using Belphegor, he gains a black long coat seemingly made of fire over his outfit that closely resembles the one he originally wore.

In his original lost form, he went through no physical changes, instead turning extremely cold; however, in his second, he turns invisible and must cover himself to be seen.


Ogami has shown many different sides to himself. One is at school, where he acts like an ordinary high school student; polite, kind and somewhat shy. However, when he does his work for Eden, he completely transforms into a ruthless killer, who only kills what he deems "evil". Despite that he claims to not care about people, he has shown signs that he does care for people and he shows this through unusual means, but nonetheless he truly does care for others' well-being. He also shows interest in Sakura Sakurakouji as he is unable to burn her, which intrigues him greatly. Throughout the course of the story, he has slowly changed and become much closer with others, thanks to Sakura, and is even willing to protect her from his brother when he was attacking Yuuki's mansion, at the risk of his own life.

In chapter 92, Sakura's ideals about human life finally seem to get to Rei, when he spares Haruto, and instead places a fire in the assassin's chest that will kill him if he does wrong again. After the split within the Shibuya housemates, Rei is shown to be much more compassionate, if only towards a Sakura heartbroken over the destruction of the Shibuya mansion.

As mentioned before, Ogami is actually a kind person, which was also mentioned by Yuuki. In chapter 102, he went to so much trouble to save the cats, including Yuuki (in his lost form), from an explosion during one of Ogami's missions, even though he gave the cold shoulder to Yuuki as he compliments Ogami of being kind. It was the first time he met Yuuki, too. He has begun to change his views and opinions about killing as shown in chapter as he states death brings nothing but regret and pity. This is best seen when he does not kill Haruto after their second encounter, and how he defended Lily a previous enemy, seeing she changed.

Ogami can also be quite clueless, especially about love, since he seemed oblivious to Sakura's feelings towards him and found her blush very intriguing. He thought it was a rare kind unique characteristic, finding all these all very new to him.

Eventually he becomes more open to others, principally those who are closest to him. For example he has hugged Sakura on a few occasions and comforting her especially when she remembered that she killed him. He was angry and sad when the soul of the Code:Emperor left his arm. When he saw him again, he even hugged him.

After he regained his own special power it seemed as if he regained his true self and began displaying an improved persona. He seemed much more kind and seemed very happy as he battled Toki, as if he was enjoying himself. He even smiled, due to feeling a good rivalry with him.

Whenever his child form Chibigami appears, he's shown to be quite foul-mouthed, but also speaks about being a cool and good hero. Also it is seen that this side of him was somewhat of a womanizer by promising to marry Sakura and Mishiru, although more for a whim to help them.


Ogami's background is relatively unknown, but it is known that he had lived previously with his parents and older brother years before the current storyline and was very close with his older brother; "The One Being Sought". However, after Ogami witnessed the killing of his mother,he was driven into shock, which made him lose his memory of the events, especially his meeting with Sakura Sakurakouji at that time. He had also befriended the Angels at some point of time (having given them their respective nicknames), until Fussy Lunch severed his arm during Ogami's attempt to stop the massacre of December 32. The dying Ogami was found by Code:Emperor, who gave him his left arm to save his life.

It is known that he was then raised by "The One Being Sought" for some time, who gave Ogami his trademark black glove. He split ways with his brother sometime after finding out that he was just being used by him for his own personal gain.

Years later, Ogami was found and brought into Eden as its new Code:06. He immediately got on bad terms with Code:04,Toki Fujiwara, developing an intense rivalry with him ever since. Ogami was also partnered together with Kanda when he was first brought into Eden.


Introduction Arc

Ogami was introduced in chapter 1, where he was seen burning several members of G-Falcon at a park by Sakura. Later on, he enrolled at the same school as her and was confronted shortly afterwards by Sakura about last night's events, but managed to make an excuse and hid behind a mask of good-natured behavior. However, he showed his true colors after appearing in the same park at night, where Sakura was being beaten by several G-Falcon members. After breaking the injured Dog's neck to relieve it of its suffering, Ogami gave a choice to the gang members: turn themselves in and be judged by the law or die by his hand. Following their angry declaration that they would kill him, Ogami proceeded to burn everyone with his blue flame one by one, leaving Sakura unconscious on the scene.

The next day, after school, Ogami was asked by Sakura to accompany her home. Upon reaching a busy crossroads, Sakura confronted him about murdering the G-Falcon guys, with Ogami casually admitting to it. Upon Sakura's question about whether he saw himself as a hero of justice, Ogami stated that he was more evil than anyone else and revealed to Sakura that he was a Code:Breaker, one who can't be judged by the law. He, then, attempted to burn Sakura, but, after catching her, said that he was kidding and started pulling her face, claiming that it was fascinating and referred to her as a Rare Kind. Afterwards, he stated to Sakura that getting rid of criminals was his duty as a Code:Breaker and asked her to tell him the names of those she wanted dead, so as to get rid of them. Following Sakura's angry outburst at his statement, Ogami threatened to kill anyone she told about his secrets, using his power to shatter the glass of a nearby building to emphasize his point. After leaving her, Ogami contacted someone, revealing that his flame had no effect on Sakura and decided to start observing her for more information.

The following day, Ogami was waiting for Sakura outside her house and accompanied her to school, while also avoiding her questions. At school, he found a basket in his locker, which contained “Dog”’s offspring, “Puppy”. After giving it to Sakura, Ogami headed out for another job, namely to destroy G-Falcon’s clients’ headquarters. He easily exterminated all of the gangsters with his blue flame (although he himself was slightly wounded), stating to Sakura that only force was sufficient to deal with such guys. When several police officers made their way inside, Ogami pretended to surrender, before burning most of them with his flame. Sakura attempted to save the last one, but, after he confessed that they were co-operating with the gangsters per their Chief’s orders and tried to shoot Ogami, he was also incinerated. Upon finding several drug addicts stashed in the next room, Ogami attempted to strangle one of them who wished to die, only to back down after she said that she wanted to live, encouraging her to survive despite the hardships. He was surprised when Sakura suddenly hugged him, but stated that he didn’t wish for people to understand him before knocking her out with a punch at her stomach and saying that he would see her at school. Ogami, then, confronted the corrupt Police Chief (his real objective) and killed him with his flame.

Later on, Ogami was called to the national diet building, where he was given his next target, the politician Tabata Shigeru, by the leaders of Eden. After the briefing was finished, Ogami set the dolls the leaders were speaking through on fire, saying that they should talk to him in person. He further stated that he picks his assignments and that he’s only a part-timer. After exiting the chamber, he stumbled upon Sakura and Code:04, Toki Fujiwara, immediately getting into a confrontation with the latter, only to be stopped by Sakura. The three of them made their way to Tabata’s residence, with Toki destroying the front door and Ogami calming the guard dogs. They were then assaulted by mercenaries, only for Toki to dispose of them with his magnetism. Upon finding a room filled with human organs (a result of Tabata’s illegal organ trafficking), Ogami was outraged and swore to burn down Tabata. He was then assaulted by Tabata’s two spetsnaz-trained surgeons, who also acted as his bodyguards. Although he was pressured at first, he managed to defeat them by generating a large amount of fire, which created an air vacuum that sucked the two bodyguards to him, enabling him to burn them with his flame after stating that they were his 165th kill. Just as he was about to kill Tabata, he was interrupted by the appearance of his daughter, Chisa. Ogami was unmoved by Tabata’s statement that he did everything in order to save Chisa’s life and was about to burn him, only to be stopped by Sakura. Moved by Sakura’s words, Tabata allowed himself to be killed by Ogami. In response to Chisa’s angry outburst, Ogami said that if she hated him so much, then she should live on and come kill him. Afterwards, in response to Sakura’s questions, he stated that he could never become a hero of justice since he kills people.

The next day, Ogami came to pick up Sakura as usual. En route to school, they discussed last night’s incident, which had been covered up by the news.  Upon arriving to school and being greeted by his classmates, Sakura scolded him for not remembering their names, only to be rebuffed by Ogami’s answer that he wasn’t here to make friends, only to carry out his job. To further emphasize his point, he threw away a love letter a girl sent him. Later on, Ogami was obstructed by Sakura in entering their class. Suspicious, Ogami was about to unleash his power, only to find out that everyone had prepared a surprise welcoming party for him, where he was given a list with everyone’s names on it. However, during his discussion with Sakura on the school’s rooftop, Ogami burned the list, stating that he hated objects and revealed that he actually memorized the whole list.

In chapter 14, Ogami stumbled upon Sousuke Noguchi, a former classmate who called him “Kakoshima”.  Ogami was able to make up a convincing excuse about the different names and said that he had forgotten about him. Later, he explained to Sakura that all his names were fake, since Code:Breakers were essentiality people who didn’t exist, further stating that he would burn every evil he chanced upon even if it wasn’t part of an official mission.  After receiving information that Noguchi was probably the serial arsonist who had been troubling police lately, Ogami went to confront him and burned him down with his flame, saving Sakura and “Puppy”, who had been captured by him. However, at that moment, Ogami lost his power and collapsed with hypothermia. He was then picked up by Kanda, whose true identity was an agent of Eden.

Haruto Arc

The following day, Ogami was forced to stay in the school gym under the protection of Kanda (much to his irritation), since he had lost his power. The situation got worse with the appearance of Toki, who blabbed about Ogami’s lost form, and Sakura, who was delighted to find out that Ogami couldn’t use his powers. However, all levity disappeared when Kanda informed them that Sakura’s life was targeted. Because of that, Ogami and Toki were assigned to protect Sakura by staying in her mansion. During the welcoming feast, Ogami slipped away and was found observing a katana by Sakura’s father, Goutoku Sakurakouji. He said that Ogami could have it, since he seemed to need it, but warned him that should anything happen to Sakura, he would kill Ogami. At that moment, Sakura was attacked by several arrows, but Ogami sliced them with his sword, while Kanda took care of the assailants.

Before they had a chance to relax, the assassin Haruto attacked the mansion, easily defeating the guards. Ogami and Toki headed out to confront him, where it was revealed that Ogami had encountered Haruto before, but had failed to judge him. Things became difficult when another assassin, Ichijuku, launched an attack with a sniper rifle, causing Toki to lose his power from repelling the bullets. Ogami was then forced to chase after the fleeing Sakura (who had retreated in order to protect him and Toki), catching up with her just as Haruto attacked her. Haruto tried to use a specific melody to put him to sleep, but Ogami counterattacked, revealing that, since he had already heard that song before, he wouldn’t fall for the same trap. However, Haruto countered with a new ability, which paralyzed people by merely looking at them, incapacitating Ogami and Sakura. In turn, Ogami sliced his hand with his blade, using the restlessness the sight of blood caused him to escape from Haruto’s technique. He proceeded to restore Sakura’s faith to her father through his words, before asking Haruto to die quickly, since they had to be early at school, and going on the assault, slicing his shoulder. In response to Haruto’s question about whether he wasn’t afraid of death, Ogami answered that his restless desire to kill the evil surpassed his fear, before continuing the battle. When Haruto went for Sakura, Ogami shielded her with his body, before revealing to Haruto that his power was back and proceeded to burn him. Unexpectedly, however, Sakura threw herself into the assassin, quenching the flames with her Rare Kind power, an action which amused Ogami greatly. He, then, attempted to finish off Haruto, only to be stopped by the arrival of Code:02, Heike Masaomi, who stated that it wasn’t Ogami’s mission to kill the assassin. Ogami proceeded to find Haruo Takayama, the one who ordered the attack on the Yakuza children, and burned him down, stating that once you killed someone, you could never go back to being human.

Having successfully completed his mission, Ogami returned back to school, where he justified his injuries by saying that he was ran over by a wild stray boar. When questioned by Sakura about the absurdity of his lie, Ogami answered that this way fewer questions would be asked. After returning to Sakura’s home, Ogami informed Sakura that Haruto had escaped and it would be hard to track him down again, finding Sakura’s reaction to the news amusing. He also returned the katana to Goutoku, saying that it was useful but not necessary anymore. During the party, Ogami caught Toki snooping around Sakura’s parents’ room looking for information about Sakura’s origins, which prompted Yuki Sakurakouji to bring out all the family albums. Ogami was surprised to hear from Sakura that pictures of her before her fifth year didn’t exist because she was adopted.

After the party ended, Ogami headed for Sakura’s parents’ room with the intent to kill Goutoku for his part in the deaths of the Yakuza children, only to be stopped by Toki. As the two of them prepared to do battle, they were stopped by the appearance of “Puppy”, which led to Sakura’s discovery by Ogami. Following Sakura’s outburst, Ogami handed her a piece of paper intended for her father (which was why he wanted to enter the room in the first place) before departing.

Hitomi Arc

Upon returning to school, Ogami was met by Toki, who had spread false rumors about him enjoying porno, much to his ire. Following Toki’s meeting with his sister, Nenene Fujiwara, he was asked by Sakura about the circumstances surrounding those two. Ogami explained to Sakura that when one becomes a Code:Breaker, all his personal information are eradicated and he can’t associate with other people. Their conversation was interrupted by Prime Minister Fujiwara’s appearance and the sudden explosion of his car. As Ogami contacted Kanda, he was approached by ex-Code:Breaker Hitomi, who took responsibility for the attack. Ogami questioned Hitomi about his decision to leave the Code:Breakers and what his goal was. Following Hitomi’s words, Ogami stated that it was exactly his lackadaisical attitude and his tendency to lie that he hated the most. In response to Hitomi’s invitation to join him, Ogami tried to burn him, only to be punched back by him and was subsequently attacked by Hitomi’s electricity. Ogami was saved thanks to Toki’s intervention, who had also saved the Prime Minister. However, Hitomi escaped by blowing up the street lights and causing a mass panic. Fortunately, Kanda’s intervention convinced the crowd that everything was just a filming.

Following Hitomi’s attack, Ogami and Toki, accompanied by Sakura, drove the Prime Minister to their school under the assumption that it was the last place Hitomi would look them. Upon arriving, Ogami received a message from Kanda stating that they had located his hideout. Ogami ordered them to keep him under surveillance and not engage him, further stating to Sakura that he would be the one to pass the judgement on Hitomi. After exhibiting his talent in the piano, Sakura deduced from his angry way of playing that he was still mad for losing to Hitomi and that he needed to cool down if he wanted to win and learn the truth about Hitomi. At that moment, they were assaulted by Kanda and her subordinates, who were controlled by Hitomi’s ability. Ogami attempted to burn them but was stopped by Sakura, who proceeded to hijack the Prime Minister and make a run for it, much to his amusement. After he and Toki caught up with them just as Kanda attacked them, Ogami prepared to kill Kanda, only to be thwarted by Sakura, who unknowingly used her Rare Kind power to free her from Hitomi’s control. Before they had a chance to relax, Hitomi himself appeared and killed the remaining agents, revealing that he had taken control of their classmates as well and asked Ogami to exchange their lives with Prime Minister Fujiwara’s. Ogami refused, stating that Hitomi had changed and that he wouldn’t bow to trash like him. Heike’s appearance allowed the Code:Breakers to save the hostages by using Sakura’s power to nullify Hitomi’s power ,which was Ogami’s intention all along. However, Hitomi succeeded in escaping with the Prime Minister and Sakura.

By using Heike’s special power to link to Eden’s main computer, the Code:Breakers were able to locate Hitomi’s hideout. After making a convincing excuse to his classmates about their presence there and following their inquiry about Sakura’s whereabouts, Ogami promised that they would see her tomorrow as usual and departed with the other two Code:Breakers to face Hitomi. Upon entering his hideout, they were ambushed by a number of corpses reanimated through Hitomi’s electricity, which were quickly disposed of by Heike. However, at that moment, Hitomi revealed his plan of executing the Prime Minister, while also causing various random explosions around the country. The Code:Breakers were then led to Hitomi, who instantly took out Toki and Heike by imprisoning them inside a special cage which counteracted their abilities. After hearing Hitomi’s reasoning behind his actions (namely his wish that the Code:Breakers no longer be non-existent and being recognized for their accomplishments), Ogami burned the clocks that stood for the previous Code:Breakers’s time of death, stating that gravestones were unnecessary for them, since they were evil murderers to begin with and there was no reason to reward them. He further stated that once Hitomi killed the sinless, he became just another piece of trash to be cleaned. The two of them proceeded to do battle, with Hitomi gaining easily the upper hand at first. Ogami was able to approach Hitomi by using his flame to conduct the electricity and let it flow out through it but was unable to burn him due to Ogami starting to lose his power. After seeing Hitomi trying to strangle Sakura, Ogami removed the ring on his left arm, unleashing his full power. Thanks to his ability to use pyrokinesis, Ogami defeated Hitomi, before collapsing from exhaustion. Following Hitomi’s angry outburst, Ogami stood up and punched him, furious that he had used innocent people for the purpose of exacting his revenge. He further declared that he became a Code:Breaker for the purpose of eradicating evil as long as he still lived and that all of them would never forget about Hitomi, after stopping his final suicide attack towards the Prime Minister. After Hitomi died, Ogami expressed his irritation with Hitomi for not fighting against him for real, since he took everything easy to the very end. Following Sakura’s question about who was the evilest in this case, Ogami answered that the one that crossed the line of killing innocent people is the one that committed the worst sin.

The next day, Ogami picked up Sakura as usual, who made fun of his bruised face, much to his irritation. After school, he was picked up by his male classmates, who took him to a café. Ogami tried to excuse himself by acting cold and distant but was surprised to find out that the guys wanted to take revenge on the guy who beat up Ogami. Thanks to Sakura’s lie about Ogami practicing with her father, the situation was dissolved but Ogami became the center of everyone’s attention because of it (since everyone thought that Ogami was actually fighting him for the right to marry Sakura).

Re-Code Arc

After their school time, Ogami and Sakura met up with Toki, who had lost his power. During their visit to a local park, they encountered Code:03, Yuuki Tenpouin, whom Ogami treated to lunch after inquiring about his situation. When two guys bumped into Yuuki, Ogami warned them that they should make a run for it, explaining to Sakura that once Yuuki became enraged, he would attack friends and foes alike. After Yuuki ran away, the three of them chanced upon him later in a café, where Ogami explained to Sakura that Yuuki was a free spirit who couldn’t be controlled by anyone, but was indispensable to Eden due to his ability and character. However, Ogami became dead serious when he heard from Yuuki that the person he was searching for had returned to Japan. Immediately after that, Ogami was confronted by Lily and all the people inside the café, who were actually mercenaries. Unfazed, Ogami simply sat down and ordered two coffees, while also asking Lily about the whereabouts of “The One Being Sought”. When one of the mercenaries tried to kill a pregnant woman in an attempt to intimidate Ogami, he reacted by using his blue flame to start up the sprinklers and used the distraction to kill all the mercenaries. He, then, attempted to burn Lily, but she evaded him and blew up the café. Ogami escaped by fending off the flames of the explosion with his blue flame and cornered Lily, asking her again about "The One Being Sought" s whereabouts. However, he fell victim to Lily’s "secretion" ability and was immobilized. Fortunately, the arrival of Sakura and Yuuki saved Ogami, with Yuuki defeating Lily. After she was knocked out by Yukihina, Ogami asked him once again for "his" whereabouts, but received no answer.

Following the battle’s conclusion, Ogami was forced to bring Sakura, Yuuki and Toki to his house, in order for them to protect him (much to his irritation), where everyone was shocked by the militaristic manner in which he lived. When "Puppy" found a photo of a younger Ogami, it was revealed that he was raised by "The One Being Sought" (hence why he lived the way he did). Ogami confirmed that "he" indeed taught him everything he knew and that was the reason he wished to kill him with his own hands. Suddenly, Ogami was contacted by Kanda, who informed him that an unidentified group had occupied a research lab housing radioactive materials. After a brief argument, Ogami and Toki went on ahead, while also tricking Sakura into staying behind by having her take a bath.

Upon reaching the building, Ogami started making an analysis of the building and the enemies awaiting them, while Toki was making perverse comments, causing Ogami to stomp his head on the ground. When the two of them entered the courtyard, they found themselves surrounded by gun-wielding mercenaries, who Toki took out with his own guns. Following Sakura and Yuuki’s arrival, Ogami noticed "The One Being Sought" gazing on them from the rooftop. When Yukihina asked him to rejoin them, Ogami replied that his grave was no longer in their side and tried to charge in by himself after Heike’s arrival. However, Yuuki’s actions succeeded in calming down Ogami. Afterwards, Ogami, along with Heike and Toki, started heading towards the upper floors to confront "The One Being Sought", until he noticed Sakura trying to sneak in, so as to head to Yuuki’s location. Ogami questioned her intentions and was confused by her answer, but kept forging on regardless. However, despite his words, Ogami was concerned for Yuuki, which prompted him to go along with the other two Code:Breakers to his location. There, he confirmed that there was no radioactive material and suspected that something was amiss. At that moment, he, Sakura and Heike were targeted by several metal beams, but were saved by Toki, who had just regained his power. While Toki battled Sendou Ryuuichi, Ogami and Heike had tea, with Ogami stating to a flustered Sakura that Toki had said he wanted to fight alone and that if he lost, he would take care of Sendou. He further stated that Toki had the habit of underestimating his opponent’s strength and that if he lost this battle, there was no way he would progress. Later on,Ogami, Heike and Sakura continued making their way upstairs and upon reaching the top floor, they were met by "The One Being Sought" and were attacked by Yukihina, who easily nullified Ogami’s blue flame. Ogami questioned Yukihina about their true plan, but he refused to tell anything, instead asking Ogami to show his true power, much to his confusion. Yukihina further questioned Ogami about why he wished to kill "him". Ogami furiously responded that "The One Being Sought" had just used him and that the reason he never threw away his black glove was to remind himself of his grudge, before launching another assault against "him". However, much to his surprise, "he" was just a puppet. After Yukihina revealed that the "The One Being Sought" was Ogami’s brother, Ogami stated that he had no brother before being assaulted by Yukihina’s ice. Just as Ogami’s foot started slowly freezing, Sakura jumped in to help Ogami, provoking an enraged response from him about her disregard for her life. Upon hearing Sakura’s response, Ogami calmly stated that he wouldn’t die so easily and that she should live on in order to continue her mission to stop him from killing people. Following Sakura’s use of her Rare Kind power to nullify Yukihina’s "Eternal Zero" technique and the Re-Code's escape, Ogami was shocked to see that Sakura had shrunk.

Code:Names Arc

In chapter 93, Ogami saw the President's real face, while the president was saving him and Sakura from the other Code:Breakers and Code:Names.

It was later revealed that as a child Ogami had the power of the seven flames of the seven deadly sins and had complete control over all seven. He was extremely kind as a child vowing to not kill anyone no mater how evil. It was also thought that it was Sakura who killed him on the December 32 incident which is a top secret incident kept by Eden which the four founders have the keys to, but in chapter 176, it was revealed that it was, in fact, "Fussy Lunch" who killed Ogami.

Ogami was revealed to be the heir to an imperial family and the Imperial Blood Of Purgatory. A family and blood line who are the only ones capable of control The Seven Flames Of The Deadly Sins.

After the soul of Code:Emperor left his arm, he regained his own special power and his true self; he began showing an improved and kinder personality afterwards.

In chapter 141, Saechika revealed that Ogami is a "Miracle Taboo" being born from a power user and a rare kind, making Ogami a hybrid. Because he is a hybrid, he is technically the opposite of a rare kind, so if even a drop of his blood touches hers, it will cause an explosion. It is revealed that on December 32, the reason there was such a massive explosion is because Rei and Sakura had killed each other. Later, it was revealed that this was not the cause of December 32.

The Angels


In episode 6, Ogami and Sakura encounter Rui, who was parked on the side of the street. She talks privately with Ogami, telling him that he was given a mission from Eden: protect Sakura Sakurakouji. When he complains, she headbutts him and tells him that although he dislikes Eden, he has to "suck it up." She notices that he has been overexerting himself, and warns him that he might go Lost if he continues, then leaves.

At school, he notices Aoba pass Sakura a note during a test. After school, he attempts to retrieve his bag, but is blocked by Sakura. When he notices that something was amiss, he forces his way into his classroom, only to discover that they were hosting a welcoming party for him. After the party, however, he burns the objects that his classmates gave him, saying that he "hates objects." As they go down from the roof, they see Hitomi's agents entering school grounds. When Ogami attempts to stop them, however, he begins to succumb to his Lost state. Even so, he blocks the path of several agents attempting to enter the school, but finally falls to his Lost state and is rescued by Yuuki Tenpouin.

He goes to the Sakurakouji Mansion with the other Code:Breakers, where they find Toki in his Lost State. Later, he is interrogated by Goutoku Sakurakouji, who can sense that Ogami's affability is only a mask. However, they are interrupted by Hitomi, who tries to take Sakura. Ogami attacks Hitomi with a sword in the mansion, but is easily repelled. The day after, Ogami, Yuuki, Toki, and Rui split up to look for the whereabouts of Hitomi. Ogami and Sakura go to the school, but are unable to find anything.

Powers and Abilities

Master Swordsman: Ogami was shown early on, that he was highly skilled in the art of swordsmanship, to the point he was able to deflect arrows when they were traveling at high velocities in midair. He was even able to fight on par with Haruto when he didn't have his power. His skill, however, still paled in comparison to that of his brother or Shibuya. However, after training under Shibuya, Ogami was able to gain the same sword skill that "him" and Shibuya use and was even able to best his brother in a sword draw.

Ogami's fire in the anime

Enhanced Strength: Due to his training under Shibuya, Ogami's strength level is indeed very high as he was able to break the chains Haruto created when he had gained the special power of Transformation and was able to defeat him/her without the need of using his special power as well. (However, that was due to the Code: Emperor refusing to allow Ogami to use his power because he wanted him to judge Haruto not as a Code:Breaker, but as himself.) During his fight against "Ragge Four-Eyes" Rei was capable of smashing through part of a concrete pillar with one punch.

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: Ogami was initially fast enough to slash apart multiple arrows that were shot at high velocity while Sakura didn't even registered them. He was even fast enough to counter all of Haruto's attacks despite the ninja using an assortment of weaponry. Due to his training under Shibuya, Ogami's reflexes were enhanced to the point that he was able to see when his brother ("The One Being Sought") did his (originally Shibuya's) trademark drawing technique and was able to counter it almost instantaneously without injury.

Immense Endurance: Ogami is shown to be very durable where due to the initial limitations of his special power, he would often be injured the most out of the Code:Breakers though he was able to shrug them off long enough to end most of his early fights. Later on Ogami was able to endure many slashes of "The One Being Sought" that involves iaido attacks all over his body but continue to try and attack his brother. After his training with Shibuya his stamina and durability increased exponentially where Rei was able to quickly recover from attacks of the true form of his brother that was enough to greatly injure the likes of Shibuya. Rei was able to even endure attacks from Aoba who was had superhuman physical prowess for a power user even when his body was reverted into a child's by her special power. Later on he managed to take attacks coming from the likes of the Angels whom were strong enough to easily pulverize concrete structures.

Seven Flames Mastery: During his battle with "The One Being Sought" the ring Ogami wore broke, granting Ogami complete control over the blue flame and giving him the ability to turn his entire arm into an arm of fire. It has also been shown that the Azure Flame has illusionary powers, as Ogami was able to use it to cast "Him" into a illusion of him dying and even making him feel the sensation of his body being on fire, while he was completely unharmed. He was also capable of releasing this flame from his entire body as a child and was able to do so again as an adult when he was enraged because of Sakura's injury. After his own special power returned to him, he can fully release the flames from his entire body at will and to a great extent. It has been noted that other than the Emperor and himself no one within Ogami's family can use all seven of flames of purgatory and Saechika revealed that it's because Ogami is the hybrid between a power user and a rare kind that makes him an impossible existence which is why all seven demons of the flames obey him.

Special Power

Flames of Purgatory

The Flames of Purgatory (煉獄の 炎, Rengoku no Honoo) are Code:Emperor's flames to judge evil. It is known as the strongest Special Power. They represent the seven deadly sins and are known to incinerate them.

Ogami uses these flames through his left arm, which is actually the Code:Emperor's arm. However, as a child, Ogami was able to control all seven. After the Emperor's soul fragment disappears Ogami regains the use of the flames, but has yet to master them all. The flames are said to be able to burn even the Rare Kinds.

Azure Flame (紺碧の炎, Konpeki no Honoo)
Flame.jpg Ogami's element is fire. At first, it is shown that he can cover anything he touches with his left hand in blue flames that can burn fire itself. It is later shown that if he removes the ring on his left hand, his power and reach increase dramatically, to the point where it is hinted that he can use pyrokinesis. This special power originated from the arm of Code:Emperor that was given to Ogami (hence why he could only generate it from his left hand). Later on, he was shown to be able to channel it through his entire body, since he possessed this power long before he received Code:Emperor's arm. Ogami offered his sense of taste as payment for this flame. The sin it represents is Wrath.
Belphegor (ベルフェゴール, Berufegōru)
P16 17 Belphegor.jpg Belphegor is the Black Flame of Limbo that Ogami received from Code:Emperor in chapter 103 when he briefly died and went to hell. This flame burns the Special Power instead of the person, nullifying its effect. Ogami can also use this flame to burn and nullify the effect of abilities used on his body, as Chibigami did after Code:Revenger turned back his time, nullifying both Yukihina's ice and Code:Revenger's ability. Ogami used the "Sound" he received from Yuuki as payment for this flame. The sin it represents is Sloth.
Mammon (マモン , Mamon)
Mammon.jpg Mammon's first form was that of a twin-headed beast, which was able to destroy all of Heike's clones by causing a massive explosion. In his battle with Toki, Ogami showed to have full control over Mammon and could summon its true form: the Dichromatic Twin Flamberges of the Netherworld. In its true form, the hot blue flame and cold yellow flame can interact, making the temperature differences change the air pressure, which creates a gigantic whirlwind of scorching heat. The sin it represents is Greed.
Beelzebub (ベルゼブブ, Beruzebubu)
Codebreakerbeelzebub.jpg Beelzebub is the Achromatic Catharsis Flame of Purgatory and the wielder of the Flame of Judgement. Beelzebub is capable of unleashing a colorless flame, at a temperature exceeding 1500°C, to instantly incinerate anything. Ogami first tried to use it in his battle with Toki, but was unable to control it. Once Heike returned the missing part required to control it, Ogami was able to summon its incomplete form and defeat Toki. In chapter 162, Ogami finally mastered Beelzebub by consuming the demon and fusing with him. In its true form, Beelzebub can call a rain of fire to descend from the sky, instantly disintegrating anything around Ogami. However, the damage it inflicts rebounds back to Ogami with the same intensity. The sin it represents is Gluttony.
Leviathan (リヴァイアサン, Rivaiasan)
Leviathan.png Leviathan is the Argentous Phantom Flame of Hades and the strongest of the demons shown yet. Leviathan is first summoned to fight "Reggae Four-Eyes" after Ogami felt intense rage towards him. Initially, Leviathan appeared to be very reasonable and polite, unleashing a silver-colored flame that shredded the Rare Kind to pieces (supposedly its true power). After sensing Reggae Four-Eyes's envy, however, it showed its true demonic personality and power: the capability of freezing its targets by removing the heat from the area. Sakurako Sakurakouji gave Ogami the ability to use it when she kissed him. The sin it represents is Envy.
C019.jpg Asmodeus is the Iridescent Explosive Flame of Hell, which Ogami obtained after taking posession of the demon from Kagerou. At first, Asmodeus displayed the ability to trap people inside an illusion of lust, while slowly consuming them. Its true power, however, lies in its capability of producing massive explosions of iridescent colour (due to chemically reacting with the surrounding alloys). Furthermore, the sound produced by the explosion can shatter the inner ear of people with sensitive hearing, like Yuuki. In order to gain control over Asmodeus, Ogami offered his sense of smell as payment. The sin it represents is Lust.


Sound (サウンド, Saundo)
Icode breaker 107 shinratensei.jpg Ogami temporarily gained Yuuki's Scarlet Phenome after their battle, but lacked control over it. Code:Emperor took it as payment for Belphegor.


Flame Away (燃え散れ, Moechire)
Flame Away.jpg He creates intensely hot blue flame that surrounds and burn the enemy. His flame can incinerate anything to the point of leaving absolutely no ashes and will not produce smoke.
Flame of Rebuke (非難の炎, Togame no Hoono)
Togame no Hoono.jpg He can create a flame that doesn't kill his target, but is more of a form atonement/punishment to prevent them from committing anymore crimes in the future at the risk of their lives. It becomes, as quoted by Ogami, "The shackles of censure that will continue burning inside you till the day you die. If you ever intend to commit any crime again, it'll become a hellfire that'll burn you to nothingness."


"The One Being Sought"

He is Ogami's older brother; however they are not blood-related despite their near-identical resemblance. "His" relationship with Ogami is possibly one of the most complex relations in the series as "The One Being Sought", years before the current story, had always treated Ogami poorly (similarly towards that of a slave) and had said that he kept him around only because of him having the Code:Emperor's power. However, it's shown that despite his hatred towards Ogami, he does in fact care for him as he wished for Ogami not to become like him (which was evil because of Eden's betrayal against him), and told Ogami to stop following him around so that he could go his own way. Ogami, however, refused and followed his brother of his own will. Years later, Ogami and his brother both lived together and became very close. After losing his power, The One Being Sought acted as a parental-figure towards Ogami and treated him kindly unlike how he did before in his Real Form.

Ogami's hatred for his brother is great because he hated how he used Ogami as an excuse to hurt other people. However, it was shown that he also adored his brother and considered him to be his only comrade, thereby wanting to kill "him" by his own hands, not wanting anyone else to do it. When "he" had died by Ogami's hands he simply smiled and told Ogami that he should live a rotten life where he will forever remember the people that he kills before being consumed by flames. Ogami actually shed a tear after killing him, which confirmed Sakura's thought about Ogami being saddened by "his" death.

Sakura Sakurakouji

Ogami is supposed to eliminate any witnesses to his powers, but cannot kill Sakura as she neutralizes all Code:Breakers' powers. This initially interests Rei in Sakura, if only as a Rare Kind. As the story progresses, Ogami is charged with the protection of the Rare Kind, subsequently growing more fond of Sakura. Even when not acting under Eden's orders, Rei is very protective of the girl, although he denies this by turning cold or oblivious whenever the subject is brought up. This grows more evident where he was willing to put on a stupid costume under the belief it would help Sakura return to normal size and when he became completely dissociated after Sakura was kidnapped by "The One Being Sought" to the point where he didn't realize he had come to school in his pajamas and brought canned food instead of his schoolbooks.

It also seems in recent chapters, Rei has become completely comfortable with Sakurakouji. (In chapter 98, when Sakura hugs Ogami, he just sighs and smiles, assuring her that he is not frightened).

He hugs Sakura in chapter 112, surprising Sakura, causing her to blush. In chapter 113, when Sakura was comforting Ogami by holding his hands partially, he got curious and grabbed her entire hand, making her blush again. Ogami being clueless about such things, found her blush interesting, thinking it was a rare kind characteristic. He even said he will test out more things. He is oblivious to Sakura's feelings for him.

He showed anger and concern when Sakura was injured by Aoba's attack in chapter 122. It was also the first and only time Ogami had lost his temper, destroying his cool façade. Everyone was shocked to see him lose his temper so badly or even losing his temper at all. He seems to be increasingly fond of Sakura as he gets extremely worried over her many times throughout the manga. In chapter 129, it seems as though he realized that Sakura is female and is conscious about her. However, both he and Sakura are oblivious to their feelings for each other. In chapter 150, it is revealed that they wanted to marry each other as children.

In chapter 180, Sakura attempts to get closer to Ogami, by walking together with him under one umbrella, sharing food, buying matching pendants and even sleeping in the same bed as Ogami in order to change him from his evil ways oblivious to how it looked like to others. In chapter 181, she goes together with him to an amusement park in order to further this goal. Ogami than rejects her kindness and tells her that she was not ready to hurt herself in order to help him. Then proposes that she should kiss him if she really wanted to change him. After Sakura actually does this and notes that it was her first kiss, Ogami is disturbed by the fact how much he means to her to the point where he briefly mistakes Puppy for Sakura and walks into a lamppost. However, in chapter 190, he confesses to her that they can never be a family, since he is a non-existent being, whose only path is towards hell. Despite this, in chapter 226, it is revealed that Ogami does realize that he loves her, and he kisses her awake from her "true form". He then claims to want to continue the kiss but that they have to save the world first. 

Yuuki Tenpouin

Yuuki greatly admires Ogami and finds him very kind. In chapter 101, it reveals the past of Yuuki and Ogami. Yuuki (in his Lost Form) and some other cats were protected by Ogami in an explosion. It was the first time they met. Yuuki stated that ever since he met Ogami, his heart was shaken over and over by him. He also admits that Ogami is an idiot that he seriously loves. Yuuki had never accepted anyone else but Makoto and Shigure as his friends, but in chapter 106, he also accepts Ogami and Sakura.

Ogami, in turn, allows Yuuki do whatever he wants and is rather protective of him. He even lets Yuuki in his Lost Form (a cat) snuggle down on his shoulder and protects him that way. Ogami also acknowledges Yuuki's brutal split personality, once encouraging some thugs, "If you don't want to die, then just run for it," after they angered Yuuki by spilling a drink over a Nyanmaru toy. Ogami calls Yuuki the 'most barbaric Code:Breaker.' Out of all the Code:Numbers, Yuuki and Ogami's relationship is probably the closest.

Toki Fujiwara

He and Ogami are shown at first to be enemies mainly due to the fact that Ogami was the brother of "The One Being Sought". Toki has considered Ogami many times to be useless because of his confidence and higher rank than Ogami, but at times he shows that it can get the best of him. (It usually results in losing his power, or getting off being beaten.) However, as the series progresses, Ogami and Toki becoming closer towards friends, but they are still rivals because neither want to lose to the other. They both have gained a certain amount of respect for one another and trust each other since their training with Shibuya despite saying that the other is still useless. (This is mostly to make clear to people of their rivalry).

It is later revealed that Ogami was often isolated when young, being the inheritor of the Imperial Blood of Purgatory, and purposefully distancing himself from other people after becoming a Code:Breaker. Toki was the first to reach out to him (though it was out of dislike) and treat him as an ordinary person. Because of that, he has a certain amount of respect and gratefulness to Toki, though he hates to acknowledge it.


Even through he is the vessel for him, they get along okay. Emperor understands his true feelings. It seems that Code:Emperor is just as important to Ogami. The Emperor later in chapter 111 revealed that the reason he chose Ogami as his host was because of the determination his eyes showed when he was younger. In chapter 102, it is revealed that Ogami supposedly died when he was younger. It was only due to the implanting of Code:Emperor's arm that saved him, since it controls life and death. The arms acts as a heart for Ogami, keeping him alive. So when Yuuki severed his arm, it caused Ogami to die almost immediately. When the Code: Emperor left, he was sad and angry. When he saw him again, he even hugged him.

Code:Emperor, though very sarcastic and vexing, is overprotective of Ogami. He becomes furious when Ogami is injured and sacrificed himself to save him. Emperor also obeys Ogami because Ogami is his host (though he can rebel if he really wants to).


Ogami's childhood friend and playmate. Mishiru is also "Kagerou", the one meant to kill the inheritor of the Imperial Blood of Purgatory if he or she was deemed a threat. Because of that, she often avoids people since Kagerou is a split personality which she cannot control. Ogami one day stumbled upon her playing with her animal friends in the woods, and demanded that she plays with him as well. Mishiru originally refused because she doesn't want to hurt Ogami. Ogami offers to marry her so that they can be together forever and then the two became close.

After meeting again at the Kibou Festival, Ogami vaguely remembers proposing to her, much to the shock and displeasure of the others. Mishiru is still very attached to Ogami, calling him "Rei-kun" and hugging him often. Ogami, unlike with others, treats her very gently and kindly. He does occasionally get exasperated by her stubbornness and spaciness, but cares for her just the same. He initially wants to protect her from Kagerou without knowing that Kagerou is Mishiru's other self. Mishiru and Ogami have the similar abilities, with both the Seven Demons and the fact that animals love them. Mishiru will only listen to and open up towards Ogami, but then she warms up towards the others as well. It is implied that she and Ogami are related, as they had the exact same face from when they were younger.

Rui Hachiouji

One of the reasons Rui became a Code:Breaker was because "The One Being Sought" had sent her to protect Ogami. Also, because Rui worked with "Him", she knows quite a lot about Ogami's past. Rui and Ogami seem to know each other's character better than the rest and understand how the other feels on some situations.


  • When Ogami uses Belphegor, a black cloak made of fire appears around him in a similar manner to Ichigo's second Fullbring evolution in Bleach.
  • Ogami's swordplay may be a reference to Kamijyo Akimine's previous manga, Samurai Deeper Kyo.
  • Ogami is talented at playing piano, though Sakura accuses him of playing it in a hurt, angry manner.
  • Ogami's hobby is building models of famous Japanese castles, as shown in chapter 84. He is revealed to have an extreme knowledge of history for each castle. He's extremely temperamental about other people touching his models and shows embarrassment towards his 'out-of-character' passion.
  • In chapter 141, it was revealed that his parents were a power user and a Rare Kind, making him a Hybrid.
  • It seems that "Rei" was his original first name, while "Ogami" is an alias. Another known alias is "Kakoshima", which he seemed to have in his previous school.
  • Rei Ogami's flames are most likely the same as Rin Okumura's blue flames. Coincidentally, Ogami's seiyu share with Rin Okumura.


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