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"Cat Boy""Cool Yankee""Franken"
"Fussy Lunch""Fussy Lunch"/Image Gallery"Reggae Four-Eyes"
"The One Being Sought"A Rational Resistance
Adventures of hardworkAngels
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Code:Breaker Wiki talk:YukihinaCode:Emperor
Cross Marks
December 32Eden
Five Years AfterFreezing Houkabe
Goutoku SakurakoujiGrand Divine JudgmentGrand Divine Judgment/Image Gallery
Heike Masaomi/Image GalleryHitomiHiyori
HybridIkurumi ShiwonInoichi
KurakoLilyLineage of Hell Emperor
List of Minor CharactersMakoto
MammonMasaomi Heike
Mike lapidiaMiyuki KandaMiyuki Kanda/Image Gallery
Nenene FujiwaraNenene Fujiwara/Image GalleryNirvana
Pandora's Box
Prime Minister FujiwaraPuppy
Rare Kind
Rei OgamiRei Ogami/Image Gallery
Rui HachioujiRui Hachiouji/Image Gallery
Ryuuji RyuuichiSaechika's Ultimate Despicable Force of Psychotic Murderers
Saechika HachioujiSaint FightersSakura Sakurakouji
Sakura Sakurakouji/Image GallerySakurako SakurakoujiSendou Ryuuichi
ShibuyaShigureSpecial Powers
Takatsu AobaThe Blue Flowers Blooming on a Spiral of Flames
The Fate of NumbersThe Girl of FlameThe Ones Who Cannot be Forgiven
The Wounded DevilThousand Man
Toki FujiwaraToki Fujiwara/Image Gallery
Toshiya MaedaTsubomiUesugi Hajime
Utah of the MirrorVolumes and Chapters
Witnessing the BeginningYuki Sakurakouji
Yuuki TenpouinYuuki Tenpouin/Image Gallery
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