The eyes that are gazing down!! The overwhelming sensation!! The emotion is about to explode out!
The Fate of Numbers
The Fate of Numbers




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A Dangerous and Magnificent Special Skill


The Requirement to Live On

The Fate of Numbers is the forty-first chapter of the Code:Breaker manga.


Sakura Sakurakouji finds herself looking at the figure of the "The One Being Sought" standing on top of the building with Yukihina beside him. Yuuki warns Sakura not to look into "that person's eyes...he will take away your soul the instant you look into it." Yukihina warns Ogami that it is his last chance to go back to the side of 'The One Being Sought' and that people never change, but Ogami holds onto his position. Toki] shoots at "The One Being Sought" with his gun, but the masked man catches the three bullets between his fingers and shoots them back at Yuuki, Ogami, Sakura and Toki, but Heike slices through them with a whip of light. Yukihina then proceeds to tell Ogami that if he wishes to finish them off, then he must go to the top floor.

Ogami starts to walk into the building, but Sakura protests, saying that it is too dangerous, while Toki tells her to leave him alone as he is always this unreasonable when it comes to 'The One Being Sought'. Ogami's path is then blocked by Yuuki, squatting on the floor with a Nyanmaru head on. Ogami tries to get past Yuuki, who continuously blocks his way before finally shoving the Nyanmaru hat onto Ogami's head and calling him 'it'. Toki tells Yuuki to stop joking around but Ogami suddenly takes the hat off and asks Yuuki what game he was playing this time. Sakura realizes that what Yuuki just did was to calm Ogami down back to normal. Heike asks when Yuuki will stop playing around and complete his assignment, but Yuuki replies that he does not want to work and pours tea over Heike when the latter tells him to quit being a Code:Breaker. Heike tries to tie Yuuki up with light, but Yuuki replaces himself with Toki. Yuuki says that he doesn't like Heike and 'Eden' then runs away.

He is later seen playing with Nyanmaru and sticking Nyanmaru stickers on mannequins until he reaches a frozen but shaking man that stutters. Lily appears wrapped around another frozen man with many behind her. She remarks that her special dolls are well-made and that she was trying out her nerve toxin by petrifying the researchers. When she targets Yuuki next, he responds by sticking a Nyanmaru sticker on Lily's forehead, saying that she's noisy and that he seriously hates her.

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