The Wounded Devil
The Wounded Devil




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Facing Tomorrow


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The Wounded Devil is the fifth chapter of Code:Breaker.


Ogami arrives at a gang's hideout, telling them that he'll kill them all. He points out the drugs and how their need to acquire drugs has increased after the extermination of G-Falcon.

The leader of the gang mocks Ogami, taking a man addicted on the drugs and beating him up as an example of how his organization works. When he kicks the man, the man's cell phone falls out, revealing that he has a wife and a young daughter. As he is laughing, Ogami grabs his face and kills him with the Azure Flame. Sakura tries to stop him from killing them all, saying that it would resolve nothing, but is pulled away from behind by several other gang members. Seeing how the gang has ruined the man's life, Ogami kills them all in his rage.

Puppy comes out after Ogami has killed them, and licks a cut on his hand. Sakura returns and reprimands him for his actions, only to be rebutted by the fact that the gang members wouldn't have been stopped any other way. Then, the police arrive and tell Ogami to stand down. Much to Sakura's surprise, he does; however, Puppy distrusts the police officers and snarls at them. When Sakura stands aside, Ogami lunges forward and kills a police officer.

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