That was hot, yet cold; violent, yet peaceful; cruel, yet gentle; that sort of blue flame ...

—Sakura Sakurakouji , Chapter 1

Chapter one
Witnessing the Beginning



Hajimari Wo Meno Atari Nishite





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The Ones Who Cannot be Forgiven

Witnessing the Beginning (始まりを目の当たりにして, Hajimari Wo Meno Atari Nishite) is the first chapter of Code:Breaker.


Sakura Sakurakouji is riding the bus over to the park, traveling to where Dog is. On her way, though, she witnesses people burning within a blue flame, and a boy standing midst the flames.

Later, a boy then asks her if she can go out with him, since she seemed like the kind of person whom he wanted to protect. However, she shows that she isn't who she seemed to be when she caught several cement bags that fell down, protecting him. She then left him to go to the park, where she had seen those people murdered.

There, she discovers that people considered it only to be a "small fire" and that there was no murder. She discovers that there wasn't even a trace of blood at the scene. After asking a police officer, she storms off to school.

At school, the boy from before appears as one of her new classmates.

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